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Why Security is Important for Social Media Accounts

Cybersecurity should be a priority for all people in an online space and social media is no exception. While an antivirus program can help you to avoid any unwelcome visitors on your devices, when your social media is hacked it can be done without that access. Your social media account will likely contain sensitive data about your identity and can even jeopardise your business and relationships depending on the goals of the hacker.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to minimise the risk of getting your social media hacked.

Are Password Management Tools Necessary?

Password management tools are a handy service that helps you to safely store and fill out your passwords online. This might not have been as useful twenty years ago when we only had one or two passwords, but in the current climate we have many passwords and to stay safe, they should all be different! Implementing a password management tool like LastPass is a great start.

Additionally, make sure you are choosing passwords that are complex. Many hackers use computers to figure out your passwords and while a 6-character password with only lowercase letters can be found almost instantly, a 12-character password with lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and symbols would take around 34,00 years to find!

It doesn’t mean your passwords should be hard for you to remember, I just feel you are best using something more difficult to guess. Using a password phrase (sentence without any spaces) can be a great way to remember a longer password.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication Correctly

You might have already set up two-factor authentication for your socials by adding a phone number and authenticating it. This means that when you try to log in from a different device, a code will be sent to your phone so that you can verify your identity. While a hacker can steal your username and password, it is much harder to steal your phone as well or access an extra email address.

You can also use an Authenticator app for your phone, like Lastpass Authenticator.

Remove and Review Third-Party App Permissions

This is more of a housekeeping tip than a cybersecurity service but if you have recently allowed a service or application permission to post, view, or otherwise access your social media, make sure that you remove the permissions when it is no longer needed. These permissions can leave your account susceptible to hacking if the third-party app were to be compromised somehow, and some third-party apps will use your account for their own purposes. Be careful who you share permissions with!

Ensure Security of Your Devices and Accounts with David at KCR IT Solutions.

While these methods are all great for keeping your data safe, it is also important you make sure your computer and device security are all up-to-date. KCR IT Solutions offers many options to ensure your online ventures are properly secured. Whether for business or personal use, there is a range of cybersecurity choices for you.

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