Refurbished Computer

Refurbished Computers, How to Save Money and Get a Better System?

Refurbished computers are almost like a well-kept secret- you can get great system specs at reasonable price. It’s how many families are meeting their computer needs and upgrading their old systems with a new refurbished computer including a warranty.

It’s important to understand a refurbished computer is not the same as a used computer. We understandable why people avoid a second-hand computer, it may be broken in a way you won’t discover until after you’ve purchased it. Refurbished computers are the complete opposite.

Refurbished computers are computers that have been given a new life by a qualified computer technician with a comprehensive repair. Sometimes, a refurbished computer is brand-new and was returned with a small problem like a hard drive failure which has now been repaired or replaced. Occasionally, the computer was even returned simply because the buyer changed their mind, but it’s still essentially brand new.

Refurbished computers often begin as business machines, built to the latest specs with business-grade components. When the budget or lease says ‘replace the computers’, that’s what the business does, whether the computers need it or not. There’s nothing wrong with them and they’ve likely been cared for by a corporate IT department who kept them in great condition. These computers, both desktops and laptops, are great options for home use. Office refurbished computers can have business-grade components that are more durable than the consumer ones, the entire system has been built to last longer and perform better, often up to several years without a problem. (Check this when buying a refurbished computer.)

Rather than send these computers to landfill, an IT professional like David at KCR IT Solutions can replace necessary components and re-install a clean operating system, perform verification tests and have it ready for its new home. KCR IT Solutions will ensure you get a system that not only keeps up with your needs now, but gives you breathing space for the next few years too.

Read on to learn 4 benefits of purchasing a refurbished computer including:

  • Save Money
  • Warranty
  • Help save the environment
  • Reliable

Save Money

Choosing a refurbished computer is cost-effective, saving you money. You have a great computer that’s been set up and checked over by an expert technician, for significantly less than the cost of buying new. Add in the fact that when you score a refurbished business computer, you’re also getting more durable, higher-quality components that will last you for years longer than the off-the-shelf consumer model.


 A warranty is included with refurbished computers, giving you value plus peace of mind. It’s your guarantee that buying refurbished was a great decision. Problems are extremely rare since your computer has been through stringent checks, but if anything pops up that’s giving you trouble, it will be repaired.

Help Save the Environment

By purchasing a refurbished computer, you are helping save the environment.  Fewer machines end up in landfill and fewer resources are used for unnecessary manufacturing. When you consider each computer requires a certain amount of precious metals to be mined, plastics to be created, packaging created from multiple materials and all the associated flow on effects of shipping, refurbishment is the right choice for the future. While you might not personally see the environmental impact of your decision to buy refurbished, rest assured the planet appreciates it.


A common assumption is that refurbished computers are more likely to break, when in truth, in some cases they’re more reliable than a new computer. Manufacturers have an expected failure rate, a percentage of computers that go straight from the factory to buyers who discover their expensive new system doesn’t work or breaks within weeks. A refurbished computer has already stood the test of time and it performed without missing a beat. By the time it’s gone through checks and repairs (both required and pre-emptive), a refurbished computer is better than new.

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