IT, Backups and Security

Almost daily, I encounter people that have experienced some kind of data loss. Although with some work, the data can be recovered, there have been times when data recovery is just not possible. 

So how important is a backup? Do you have sufficient security?

What is Backup?
In information technology, a backup, or data backup is a copy of computer data taken and stored elsewhere so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

What is Security?
Computer security, also known as cybersecurity or IT security, refers to the security of computing devices such as computers and smartphones, as well as computer networks such as private and public networks, and the internet.

Ask yourself:
– How are my business records stored?
– Do we backup those records Daily?
– When was the last time we checked our backup?
– What would happen if your business was the victim of a cyberattack or your building was destroyed, can your business survive? Does your business have an emergency plan?

Did you know: The ATO have a requirement that your business data is backed up.

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