How Can I Avoid or Minimise Computer Downtime in My Business?

There is no denying technology is a wonderful asset to every business, but what happens when your computer stops working? Decades ago, many things you do now as part of your day-to-day processes of your business, didn’t even exist. Today, a computer is a necessity to run most businesses. A computer allows you to operate your business, connect with customers no matter their location and boost productivity and efficiency resulting in business growth and increased profits.

If you rely on a computer to run your business, when downtime inevitably hits, it causes a big issue. There are many reasons why computers stop working including bugs in the system and hardware failure. Whatever the cause, the impact is real and measurable. Gartner (an IT research company) reports that 43% of small businesses close their doors right after a major data loss, and only a tiny 6% survive long term. The financial cost of each hour can be in the thousands, and the damage to your brand could be ruinous. Fortunately, while downtime will occasionally strike every business, there are things you can do to minimise the duration and frequency.

Read on to learn a few simple actions you can take now to ensure your business stays open and downtime is minimal if your computer stops working including:

  • Use monitored antivirus and firewall protection
  • Have a robust backup system
  • Have a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Monitor hardware for warnings signs it needs repairs

Use Monitored Antivirus and Firewall Protection

While most businesses computers have some form of protection, not all have embraced the idea of monitored antivirus and firewalls. Instead, the default setup has more in common with a home setup than a robust professional system. Given that SMB are a primary target for malware and cyber-attack, many businesses have monitored versions.

A computer professional can set up custom protection to block all attacks, both known and emerging. They will also ensure all updates are taken care of plus business wide protections are installed to stop users accidentally infecting the network. When something doesn’t look quite right, custom protection takes immediate action to protect your business.

Have A Robust Backup System

A robust backup system can protect your business from being crippled by data loss, digital threats such as viruses and ransomware and protect against physical threats like robbery, fire or natural disasters. A robust backup system can be as simple as having a computer professional take care of it, or if you have an on-site technician, using the rule of 3: one backup on the server, one unplugged from the server, and one off-site.

If anything, ever goes wrong, you’ll be able to pull up the most recent backup and continue as normal. Businesses without good backups tend to be down or inconvenienced for days, if not weeks.

Have A Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan

Nobody likes to think about their business flooding or being hit with ransomware, but would your employees know what to do if a disaster occurred? Having a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan helps your business get up and running again quicker, keeping down time to the minimum. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan ensures everyone knows what steps to take, who to tell, who should be doing what, and which systems take priority.

Monitor Hardware For Warnings Signs It Needs Repairs

Computer hardware is like any piece of equipment – when it’s getting old or needs repairs, it will let you know. When it comes to your computer, warning signs can include making noises, being louder or slower than normal or system crashes. Each of these symptoms is your early warning sign that allows you to act and have your computer inspected before it stops working and sends everything into downtime.

A professional hardware monitoring service runs in the background of computers and tracks various metrics to predict time until failure. If the signs point to imminent failure, you will know and can often repair/replace the affected hardware with little or no downtime.

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