How can I clean my keyboard? 
The keys on a keyboard are only clipped on, with a knife or other thin object, carefully pop the keys off, this will allow you to clean under the keys as well as cleaning the keys themselves (make sure you remember where they went!).

Just a quick note on this, this is really only suited to a keyboard for a desktop computer. Laptop and Macbook keyboards are not so simple. Simply removing the key might damage the plastic that holds it in place. Acer laptops are really bad for this. I’d suggest you try using some compressed air to attempt to clean/dislodge any dirt under them. 

I’d be more than happy to help with replacing your keyboard if that doesn’t work.

How can I prevent hard drive failure?
Your hard drive will typically store all your files: word docs, videos, photos… if that fails and you don’t have a backup, then it can cause serious issues. Hard drives and SSDs all have a limited lifetime, so firstly it’s important that you always back up your important files. Using Microsoft One Drive, Drop Box or another cloud-based system means you’ll always have your documents available, should your hard disk one day pack in.

Just remember, a cloud-based backup will usually only backup the files you tell it to. If however, you’d like to backup everything on your computer, I’d suggest VEEAM or Acronis True Image. I can help with setting these up for you. Firstly (like with most computer errors), restart your computer, but if you need more help, then feel free to give us a call.

I get a ‘no signal input’ message, what do I do?
Verify that the monitor is properly connected in the back of the monitor as well as to the back of the computer. If the monitor appears to be connected properly, verify that a cable is not loose by disconnecting all cables that can be disconnected in the back of the monitor (generally the data cable cannot be disconnected). Next, disconnect the data cable connected to the back of the computer and then reconnect the cable. When connecting the cable in the back of the computer ensure the cable connection is tight. Most Computers will also have screw ends that can be screwed in to hold the connector in place.

My computer does not turn on, what do I do now?
First check the computer’s power cord to make sure it is completely plugged into the wall socket. If you are using a power board, make sure it is completely plugged into the wall socket and that the power switch on the power board is turned on. Some power boards also have a built in circuit breaker / reset switch which usually looks like a black or red button near the power switch. Press the button to reset it and see if that solves the problem. Some computers also have a switch next to where the power lead plugs in, check that it’s turned on. Failing that, be sure you aren’t having a power outage / cut

With a laptop computer, try disconnecting the battery, then just connect the power lead / charger cord and try turning it on without the battery installed. Otherwise if the battery is not removable, try holding down the power button for 30 seconds, then try turning it back on.

The wheel on my mouse isn’t working properly, what do I do?
If you’re running any version of Microsoft Windows and are encountering issues with the mouse wheel, first attempt to adjust the mouse settings through the Mouse Properties window. This window can be accessed by opening the Control Panel and double-clicking the Mouse icon.

If you are running Mac OSX a similar option is available. This can be accessed by opening System Preferences and choosing the mouse icon.

There are black borders on my screen, what do I do?
If the resolution was recently changed it is possible for the monitor to not auto adjust or shift to the correct size. If this occurs, the resolution can be changed back to the original setting or you can manually adjust the monitor. If a black border exists on the monitor it can generally be resolved by manually adjusting the horizontal or vertical width. Because each monitor is different, the method of adjusting this setting will vary; consult your monitor documentation.

There is no display on the monitor, what do I do now?
Make sure the monitor is on. If no power light (green or orange light) is seen on the monitor display try pressing the power button until it comes on. If your computer monitor was on and you stepped away from the computer and upon returning it was black, it’s likely that the computer is asleep. Try moving your mouse, clicking the mouse buttons, and/or pressing any key (space bar) on the keyboard to wake it up. Make sure that the monitor is connected properly to the back of the computer.

What do I do if my hard disk fails to work?
As with most computer errors, your first step is to shut down your computer and restart it.

This will help you determine whether or not you actually have a hard disk problem. If the disk is severely damaged then your computer will probably fail to restart properly. If you continually come up to a blue screen, its time to get it checked out.

Be sure to check that you don’t have a disk in the DVD drive or a USB drive plugged in, as the computer may try booting from one of those.

If all else fails, then submit a tick or give KCR IT Solutions a call, this is a job for the professionals.

What do I do if the image on screen is distorted or skewed?
You may receive a distorted image when the cable is loose or defective. Disconnect the video cable going from the back of the computer and verify that no pins are bent, burnt or broken. Once verified re-connect the monitor cable. If the refresh rate is not properly set the monitor may have a wavy or an appearance that lines are going down or across the monitor slowly or fast, this may also cause a flickering affect. A distorted image can be caused by magnetic or other types of interference. Verify no speakers, fans or other magnetic devices are close to the monitor.

Why is my mouse acting erratically?
Users who have an optical mechanical mouse (most common mouse for desktop computers) are likely experiencing erratic behaviour because the mouse is not clean or is dirty. If you’ve cleaned the mouse and continue to encounter issues and this mouse has worked in the past fine unfortunately your mouse is likely defective. One additional test that can be done to help determine if this is the case or not is to connect the mouse to another computer. Otherwise we suggest replacing the mouse.

If it’s a wireless mouse, it could be the related to where you plugged in the USB wireless adaptor. Try moving it to another USB port.

Are spaces allowed in email addresses?
Just like an Internet URL no spaces are allowed in an e-mail address. However, names can be broken up using a period; for example, John Smith may have an e-mail address: john.smith@example.com or john.s@example.com because no spaces are allowed in the e-mail address.

I am unable to send or receive email?
Verify that your computer is able to see the Internet to ensure that your computer is not encountering a connection issue, which would be causing your e-mail issue. You can do this by loading your internet browser and checking if you able to lead a web page. Check with your internet or email provider to find out if they are having issues.

I can’t receive any email attachments?
If the e-mail box is full of other e-mail messages, and/or your storage space is only a few megabytes, it’s possible that the attachment being sent cannot be received. Often if this problem is occurring the person sending the e-mail should get a response back from your e-mail server indicating that your mailbox is full and/or has exceeded its allocated size. Because computer viruses and other malware are best distributed through e-mail, many e-mail service providers, companies, and e-mail programs prevent certain types of file extensions from being distributed or received through e-mail. For example, Microsoft Outlook protect its users by automatically disabling certain file extension types from being received in e-mail.

Do you serve business customers?
Yes, we provide I.T. support and technical solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We can help you with backup systems, new office installations, wireless networking, and general computer maintenance and more.

Do you service Home and Residential customers?
Yes, we provide computer solutions for home and home office customers. We can help you with the most basic of computer issues to large complex business solutions.

Do you speak in “Plain English”?
We hate “geek speak” just as much as you do, and we only speak fluent English and really take the time to explain what we are doing in normal every-day language. We will answer any questions you may have during your appointment and may even write out some basic notes, so you don’t have to remember everything.

Do you work on both PCs and Macs?
Yes, we work on both PCs (Desktops & laptops) and all Apple Mac products. We are able to fix, repair or upgrade all PC and Mac computers and install all associated accessories.

Does KCR IT Solutions have a retail location?
KCR IT Solutions does not have a retail location. We are located in Parmelia and can have you come to us By Appointment Only. We are primarily an on-site service, where we come directly to your home and office and fix all your computer issues on the spot. However, when we have a job that requires more time 2+ hours, we will always suggest that it be done offsite. 

What are your trading hours?
We offer appointments Monday through Friday between 8am to 6pm and can help outside of those hours where necessary.

In an emergency, we can offer support outside of these hours.

We will return all calls as soon as possible.

What forms of payment do KCR IT Solutions accept?
We accept the following types of payments: Visa, MasterCard, Cash or Direct Deposit. We generate a tax receipt on the spot and email it to you directly. 

Payment is required on completion of work unless otherwise specified. 

How do I change my keyboard language?
If you’re using a Mac, then click on the Apple Menu and System Preferences. From there, click Keyboard > Input Sources > +, then select your chosen language.

How Do I Get My Mac into Safe Mode?
Safe mode works the same way for Macs as it does for Windows: also referred to as safe boot, it enables you to start your Mac so it can perform checks, whilst preventing certain software from automatically opening. To start your Mac in safe mode, press and hold the shift key as soon as you turn it on. The Apple logo will appear and then you’ll see the login window: at this point, you can release the shift key. To leave safe mode, just restart your Mac.

Can I Get a Virus on a Mac?
Unfortunately, it’s a myth that Macs are bulletproof against cyber-attacks, and they can get viruses. To help prevent this, as a minimum you should invest in anti-virus software, and ensure your OS is kept up to date at all times.

How do I disable Add-Ins?
You can enable Add-Ins in Word, Excel and PowerPoint to add custom commands and features. However, you may decide to disable these if you don’t need them anymore. To do this, click on File > Options > Add-Ins, then click on Manage > Go. A dialogue box will open, allowing you to select the add-ins you want to disable or remove.

How Do I Turn off Macros?
Excel macros can be ideal because they can automate common, repetitive tasks. However, you may want to turn them off. 

To do this, click on File > Options > Trust Centre > Trust Centre Settings. You can then click on Macro Settings, and choose to disable your macros. 

It works similarly if you want to disable macros in Word too: click Office > Word Options > OK, and then manually remove the macros you don’t want. 

Please note, you should not enable macros in any documents you receive by email, as these can be used to run and install malicious software, which could cause your PC to be infected with a virus.

PowerPoint: How Do I Turn Presentation Mode On?
Turning the Presentation mode on is easy: just hit F5 on your keyboard, or select Slide Show > From Beginning. To turn it off, just right click with your mouse and hit End.

Word, Excel and Outlook: How Do I Retrieve an Unsaved File?
To retrieve a document, click on File à Recent, then scroll down to Recent Documents.

  • Word documents: Recover Unsaved Documents
  • Excel: Recover Unsaved Workbooks
  • PowerPoint: Recover Unsaved Presentations

You will then find a list of unsaved files – select the file you want, open it and Save As. Tip: Use Ctrl + S to save changes to your documents regularly.

What to do if I can’t turn my Surface Pro on?
Try a Two Button reset.

To perform a two button reset on your Surface Pro, do the following:

  1. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  2. After Surface turns off, press and hold volume-up button and the power button at the same time, for at least 15 seconds (The screen may flash the Surface logo before 15 seconds, but don’t release the buttons).
  3. After you release the buttons, wait for 10 seconds.
  4. Press and release the power button again, and your Surface will be turned on again.

Also, it won’t hurt to check if everything’s alright with your battery, just in case, because if the battery is damaged, or empty, your device logically won’t turn on.

How do I determine my computer’s name?
Right-click My Computer. Click Properties. In the Properties window, click the Computer Name tab. Within this tab you’ll be able to see the full computer name, workgroup and also a description. If you wish to change the name or workgroup, click the Change button.

How do I map a network drive?
Open Microsoft Explorer. From Explorer, click the Tools drop down menu and click the option “Map Network Drive.” Specify the network drive or network computer as the folder. If the computer’s name was hope, to map to that computer, type \\hope If you wished to map to a shared folder on the hope computer such as a mp3 folder, you would type \\hope\mp3. If a different username or login is required to connect to this computer or drive it must be specified in this window before clicking the finish.

Mac’s are very similar. From Finder, press Command + K. If you’d like to connect to the hope computer you would type SMB://hope in the “Connect to Server” box and then click “Connect” 

I can’t connect to my network drive anymore?
Verify that the network cable is properly connected to the back of the computer. In addition, when checking the connection of the network cable, ensure that the LED’s on the network are properly illuminated. For example, a network card with a solid green LED or light usually indicates that the card is either connected or receiving a signal. Note: generally, when the green light is flashing, this is an indication of data being sent or received.

How do I fix a paper jam?
Turn off the printer. Inspect the location or tray the printed paper ejects to. If the stuck paper is visible manually remove it. Remove all paper trays and any paper that may be stuck between the tray and the printer. If the stuck paper is visible manually remove it. Open the printer door that allows you access to the printer ink cartridges or toner and look for any stuck paper. If the stuck paper is visible manually remove it. Turn the printer back on.

I lost my printer installation disk, how can I install my printer?
Thankfully a missing printer installation disk or disc is not the end of the world and will not require you to wait until a new diskette or CD can be sent to you. Today all printer and other hardware manufacturers are providing downloads on the Internet to their software programs and drivers that are included with their products.

My printer is printing smudged/distorted pages?
When printing on untraditional paper your printer may experience smudges, un-even or crooked text, and/or text that runs off the edges of the paper. Your printer may be printing fuzzy, blurry, and/or other faint text because of dirty print heads. 

Most modern printers have some type of printer cleaning, self-test, and/or diagnose mode that can be performed to check and clean the printers print heads and other internal equipment used to print.

Alternatively, it could be related to your printer drivers. I’ve found that sometimes when a Mac does an update, there are no compatible printer drivers available so it reverts to a generic driver. This can usually be resolved by finding an alternate driver. 

How does Single Touch Payroll work?

As you run your regular payroll, your tax and super details are sent from your accounting software to the ATO automatically.

  • Pay your employees as normal (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and give them a payslip.
  • Your STP-enabled payroll software sends a report directly to the ATO which includes required information such as salaries and wages, PAYG withholding and super
  • This is the only Single Touch Payroll checklist you need but if you need more information, check the ATO’s website.

What is Single Touch Payroll?
It’s the best way to stay on the ATO’s good side, that’s what.

Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a new, simpler way to report your employees’ payroll information to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and keep your business compliant. Single Touch Payroll will be required for all employers by 1st July 2019.

With STP, employers no longer need to complete payments summaries and group certificates at the end of the financial year. That’s now taken care of every time you pay your employees as their tax and super information is sent to the ATO and available to them through myGov.

Can a virus damage computer hardware?
No, they don’t. Computer viruses are software code designed to spread to computer files and other computers, delete files, and cause other problems with the data on the computer. Sometimes they can reconfigure the computer’s firmware and in turn, the mainboard will cease to function (not so common today as computers usually have dual bios’s to prevent this). So if you’re experiencing an issue with a hardware device such as your printer, video card, sound card, etc. it is not likely to be due to a virus.

Can I Get a Virus on a Mac?
Unfortunately, it’s a myth that Macs are bulletproof against cyber-attacks, and they can get viruses. To help prevent this, as a minimum you should invest in anti-virus software, and ensure your OS is kept up to date at all times.

Does Windows come with a virus protection program?
Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 do not come pre-installed with a virus protection program. Windows 10 however comes with Windows Defender, although not the best Antivirus program, it’s certainly better at a lot of them and it has the added bonus that it automatically updates with Windows. 

Be aware however, if you install an antivirus program and it expires for whatever reason, Windows defender will only kick in once you remove that program. 

If I format or erase my hard drive will it remove a virus?
If your computer is infected with a virus formatting or erasing the hard disk drive and starting over will almost always remove any type of virus. However, keep in mind if backups have been made that contain the virus, other media or drives connected to the computer have a virus, your computer is connected to another computer on a network with a virus, and/or the virus is stored on some other type of software you use with your computer it can become re-infected if not properly protected.

What is a computer virus?
A computer virus is a software program that has been intentionally created to cause a user grief, spread to other computers, or destroy data on an individual’s computer. To help prevent a computer from becoming infected by a virus, software developers have developed anti virus programs that stay active on the computer helping to protect it. It is important to realize that many computers do not come pre-loaded with these already installed and that if computers do come with these programs, the programs may expire within 90 days.

How can I recover a file from the recycle bin?
Double click the recycle bin icon on your desktop, here you will see all of the files within your bin. Select the files you wish to recover, right click and choose restore.

How can I update my Microsoft Windows computer?
If you are running Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10, or a later version of Microsoft Windows, you are eligible to update Microsoft Windows, and in some cases, your computer hardware with the latest drivers through Microsoft’s update site, visit http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com. In most cases your computer should be set to automatically update when a new update becomes available.

How Do I Access My Snip & Sketch? (Originally called Snipping Tool)
The Snip & Sketch Tool can be very useful, as it enables you to capture a section of your screen, whether you’re on a web page, document or more, and save it as an image.
It’s much more user-friendly than just print screening, as you can pick which area of the page you want to save, instead of just what’s visible.
To access your snip & sketch tool, click Start à Windows. Type Snip in the search box, and then click on it to open.

How Do I Add a Shortcut to My Desktop?
Adding a shortcut to your desktop is simple: just right click on your chosen file, then click Send to Desktop.
Alternatively, right click anywhere on your desktop and select New then Shortcut, and browse to your chosen file or destination.

How Do I Change My Keyboard Language?
If you’re using Windows 7, click on the Keyboard & Languages tab under Start, then Change Keyboards > Add > Add Input Language; then select the language you’d like to use, and click OK.
You change this slightly differently on Windows 10: press and hold the Windows key, then press the spacebar. Pressing space multiple times will show you the various options you have – highlight the keyboard language you want.

How do I get Windows into Safe Mode?
To get into the Windows 7 / 10 Safe mode, as the computer is starting up press and hold your “F8 Key” which should bring up the “Windows Advanced Options Menu”. Use your arrow keys to move to “Safe Mode” and press your Enter key.

How Do I Know If My PC Is up to Date?
Operating systems should be set to automatically update, so this is taken care of for you. Some companies will enforce this as a policy in which case you will see a message to let you know this is managed by a system administrator.
Please note that platforms including Windows XP, Windows Vista and as of January 2020, Windows 7 are no longer supported by Microsoft so updates are no longer possible.
If you are still using these, please be sure to refrain from using them on the Internet or risk data loss, serious virus infection or worse.

How Do I Lock My Computer?
Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and Lock. When you want to unlock your computer, just type in your password.
On Windows, you can also press the Windows key and L for easy access.
.Is it safe to turn off a Windows computer without doing a shut down?
It’s not a good idea to simply press the power button or restart the computer while Windows is still running unless there is an issue with the computer.
Microsoft has included the shut down feature because it enables a computer to go through all the necessary steps that are required before turning off the computer.
In fact many versions of Microsoft Windows will check the computer for any problems if the computer is not shut down properly.

What do I do when my computer crashes?
Nothing is more annoying than when you’re working hard to get a deadline finished, and your computer suddenly crashes. There are so many reasons as to why your computer may crash or freeze, and you may not know the reason why.
Your best bet is to wait a few minutes to see if it sorts itself out and resumes as normal. If it doesn’t, open the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Delete > Task Manager) to see which program isn’t responding, and close it. If your computer still isn’t working, then restart it.
If this happens frequently we would suggest you have it checked out as there could be something wrong.