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At KCR IT Solutions, I endeavour to ensure my customers are paired with a computer that compliments their needs.  To do this, I first find out exactly what they plan to use their computer for. I then like to know how much they’re willing to spend and what their expectations are. This will help recommend if a desktop computer or laptop is best suited to their needs.

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Computer hard drive problem

Desktop Computer and Laptop Repairs

Many people will book their cars in for regular services and tune-ups, but not their computers.  The problem with this is that many problems can simply be avoided or fixed by booking your computer in for a routine service.

Does Your Desktop Computer or Laptop Have a Hard Drive Problem?

Did you know that 75%-80% of computers I see need their hard drives replaced? This is usually because they are showing signs of failure and data loss is highly likely. I always recommend replacing the hard drive with a Solid State Drive when this is the case. This will definitely speed up your computer if it’s running slow.  Most people think their computer is going slow just because their hard drive is full which isn’t necessarily the case.

By speeding up your computer with a new solid-state hard drive, you can bring back the joy of using your computer again.

My Desktop Computer or Laptop Isn't Broken, But Something Isn't Right

Even with all the fantastic advancements with computers, they can still be challenging to understand. Naturally, if you’re not familiar with what to look for, understanding a computer can be harder than understanding a foreign language.

A common problem is computers running slow.  Another is your computer crashing when it never did previously. An even more annoying one is when you start to see strange pop-up windows appearing on your screen at unusual times.

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Are You Constantly Being Told That Your Drivers Need Updating?

When browsing the internet, you might see more advertising than you saw in the past. It may even seem like it’s supposed to be like that.

All these annoying little problems will continue to get worse, but you can make your computer faster, you can get rid of these pesky popups … you don’t have to put up with them.

New Desktop Computers and Laptops

Is it time to upgrade your computer and purchase a new one? Maybe you’ve never had one before?  Or maybe your old one isn’t working how it should, and your budget doesn’t allow for you to purchase a brand new one? Whichever the case may be, I can help you find the solution most appropriate to you.

Desktop Computer for Gaming

Finding the Right Computer for You

Once I know the computer you are looking for then I can suggest one of the following:
  • Purchasing a new laptop off the shelf (with my guidance)
  • Allowing me to customise a new laptop to their wants and requirements
  • Providing the client with a refurbished laptop with a warranty

My mission is to make the process of you getting a laptop as seamless and effective as possible.  I aim to gain an understanding of what you’d like to use the computer for and what your expectations are of the finished product.  Once I know these things, I’ll do my best to give you some options that are within your expectations, budget and most importantly, need.

Did you know?

It’s not always completely necessary to purchase a new laptop to get the desired result. A lot can be achieved by carefully modifying and upgrading an existing or second-hand laptop.  For those that feel a little worried about the idea of a refurbished laptop, I always offer my 3-month warranty which will keep you covered if anything were to go wrong.

If you’d like more information on purchasing a new or refurbished laptop computer that’s suited to your needs, call David today. 


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