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Has your computer stopped doing what it used to do? Or maybe it’s doing things that it shouldn’t be doing? Knowing how to identify and fix these issues can be quite tricky if you’re not too sure what to look for.

To help overcome such problems, KCR IT Solutions offer home computer services. Whether it’s trying to speed up your computer or remove error messages from appearing all over the screen, we’ll be able to help.

Do you have a laptop, notebook or desktop computer?  Regardless of the type of computer you have, Mac, Desktop or PC we offer the same services.

Computer Issues - Need Help

At KCR IT Solutions,

can help in the following areas:

Our convenient collection and delivery computer repair services comes to you. This is a FREE service to areas South of Perth.

Has your desktop computer turned into a place of constant pop-ups and unwanted advertising?

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A common sign a desktop PC is infected by malware is when you experience a more than normal influx in pop-ups telling you to take required action.  Another issue could be you’re receiving numerous error messages.  If this sounds like you, booking your computer in for one of our tune-ups could be the solution.

Many people will book their cars in for regular services and tune-ups, but not their computers.  The reality is many computer problems can simply be avoided or fixed by booking your computer in for a routine service.

KCR IT Solutions understands life is busy and it can be hard to find the time to come in-store to have your computer repaired. For this reason, our convenient collection and delivery computer repair services comes to you. Take advantage of our FREE service to areas South of Perth.

Has Your Computer Got A Hard Drive Problem?

Did you know that 75%-80% of desktop computers we see need their hard drives replaced? This is usually because they are showing signs of failure and data loss is highly likely. We always recommend replacing the hard drive with a Solid State Drive to speed up your computer if it’s running slow. Most people assume their computer is running slow because their hard drive is full which isn’t necessarily the case.

By speeding up your computer with a new Solid State hard drive, you can bring back the joy of using your computer again.

Computer Issues - Need Help

My Computer Isn't Broken, But Something Isn't Right

Even with all the fantastic advancements with computers, they can still be challenging to understand. If you’re not familiar with what to look for, understanding a computer can be harder than understanding a foreign language.

Common problems include:

  • Computers running slow
  • Computers begin to crash when it hasn’t previously
  • Strange pop-up windows appearing on your screen at unusual times.

Are You Constantly Being Told That Your Drivers Need Updating?

When browsing the internet, sometimes you might see more advertising than you saw in the past. It might even seem this is supposed to happen. This just one of many annoying problems that will continue to get worse. You can make your computer faster and get rid of these pesky popups …. you don’t have to put up with it all.

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