Computer Recycling

What’s the best way to dispose of my computer?

Disposing of your computer is always best done by someone who knows how to recycle them accordingly. Simply throwing your computer out in the garbage is not a good option for the environment, nor is it a good option in terms of keeping your old files away from prying eyes.

What should I do before I dispose my computer?

When it’s time to get rid of your computer you should have a plan in place to effectively remove all the data from the hard drive.  This will ensure your personal information and photos don’t become accessible to others. If you need help with clearing your data, KCR IT Solutions can help.

Sometimes you may wish to just keep the hard drive and destroy or save it for yourself. We can remove your hard drive, hand it over to you and then safely and efficiently recycle your old computer. This is a great option as it gives you the confidence of knowing that all your computer’s old data will remain with you.

Need help clearing your data or recycling your computer?

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